Roundtable - Modern Motherhood

“Supermom vs Bad Mom” - Alongside the female empowerment movement has come the temptation for women to feel pressure to do and be everything.  
But should we really be striving to be Supermoms, wives,CEOs and every other hat we have to wear?  
Or is it ok to trade pursuit of perfection for peace

Healthy Mama: Mind, Body and Soul

Exploring, Identifying and finding healthy resolutions to the various facets of mommy’s mental health,healthy eating & wellness, exercise and
particularly postpartum depression


Building Little Leaders: Black Boy Joy and Free Black Girls

Equipping mothers of color with the tools, information and tactics to become well informed advocates as they successfully raise strong and
proud black children in today's society.

A Seat at The Table - The Millennial Mom TownHall

Providing millennial mothers of color the platform and resources to voice their opinions and experiences on the Black Mother's Spending Power, Workplace Advocacy, and Community Mobilization.

Handle Your Business Mama: Building Your Brand while Managing Your Home

Learn how to build effective strategies for identifying your unique skill set and marketing your career, while managing the complexities of motherhood.

Mommy Between the Sheets

On Sex, Mommy's New Body and Keeping it Spicy..
Post Delivery and Beyond.


This Is Us - The UNcommon Family

Exploring and Discussing a range of different family structures and best practices to build a healthy home and example for the ones who matter most, our children.

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